Whether you are a complete beginner or already certified, find what corresponds to your wishes!

Basic Course

This course is perfect if it is your first time trying freediving. The goal is for you to learn the foundations of freediving with some theory lessons (both online and in person) and a little bit of in-water demonstrations. With this easy and relaxed course you will find out what your body is capable of.

  • Pre-requisite: Able to swim
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Certification: SSI

Level 1

By achieving your level 1 in freediving, you will not only learn in more depth what your body can achieve underwater, but you will have a strong knowledge of your own capacities as well as the crucial safety measures when freediving, allowing you to confidentely freedive independentely anywhere around the world. This course combines theory, confined and open water sessions as well as some yoga practice and breathing exercises.

  • Pre-requisite: Able to swim
  • Duration: 4-5 days
  • Certification: SSI

Private lessons

For any beginner or certified freediver who simply wishes to do in-water sessions to practice a few skills and improve or directly go and explore the reefs with a certified partner.

I try to adapt to each clients schedule and wishes, and am always thrilled to simply take people in the water and show them all the underwater wonders surrounding our beautiful Rasdhoo.

  • Pre-requisite: For training sessions, the freediver must have a previous freediving certification
  • Duration: As many sessions as you wish